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The seeds of love
One evening I stood at the entrance of the chapel where icons of saints are displayed. There were other disciples around as well, all of them preoccupied with their own tasks. I was just enjoying the atmosphere of being in the presence of Swami Vishwananda. Knowing that he never acknowledges that he is aware of what is going on in our heads, I felt free to express my divine cry for my Divine Mother, whom I beheld in the form of my guru. Feeling safe and secure within my own mind, and the thought that he would avoid me completely so as not to build up my ego even in the subtlest way, I was melting into the arms of the Divine Mother. I gently shed my tears of love and longing for Her, with a tinge of sadness that She had not yet come, mixed with the joyous expectations of Her long-awaited coming. Just at that moment Swami Vishwananda approached me, looked into my eyes and asked with the sweetest tone of voice, “Why are you crying?” I was taken aback as I hadn’t expected this sudden turn of events. I tried to hide my feelings, stuttering, hoping to find the right words to cover my Love. Hiding from the guru! Shame on me, I thought later on. Don’t we all do the same thing over and over again every day? Playing hide- and-seek with our own Creator who is just behind our thoughts, behind every heartbeat, in every atom of our being and all around us, who understands us better than our dearest friend, better than our own mother or father — and we wonder why He is hiding from us. We are running away from Him, like prodigal sons, not He from us! And He is always patiently waiting that we may perchance lift our hearts, just for once to receive His Love.

Consequences of a past action
There have been so many hours spent sitting after a lunch or dinner, where we tried to find the end of the mind. One night it just so happened that we had been talking until dawn about Enlightenment and giving up the mind. One day I questioned Swami about a certain matter and he replied, “I will not answer this question because the answer will only blow your mind and will not help you in any way”.
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My Sadguru
There are times in one’s life when an event or a person changes the whole course of the river of one’s life. That may well be said of my first meeting with a great man of God, Swami Vishwananda. With an encounter of this kind, words are inadequate to describe the true greatness or importance of such a meeting. To meet the guide, the one sent to you by God, to lead you to the highest safety, peace eternal, your true home, after incarnations of exile, after roaming in this ocean of delusion, this dream that we call reality, is inexpressible. Click here to read the rest of the story

Finding my Swami again
I met Swami Vishwananda in Mauritius in 1997, together with my husband and our little daughter. We went there to see him as we had heard of him before. When I met him, I immediately knew in my heart that he was the spiritual master I had been looking for. Since the age of twenty I had been praying to find my guru. When I saw Swami Vishwananda, there was not the slightest doubt in my mind, no more questions. He was my guru, I had found him again! But it went even further than just a simple reunion. Click here to read the rest of the story

Unconditional Love
For the love from our hearts, which is pure and untainted, is ever ready to sprout forth, though covered with the mud of our restless thoughts and egos. Swami Vishwananda penetrates deeply and guides us directly from the soul level and doesn’t mind our egos and minds, for we are not that. These are like old garments that we need to get rid of. He loves us for who we truly are — children of God, pure love and bliss. Swami Vishwananda teaches us to rise above the ego and the mind; to look deep within ourselves and to reawaken the divine memory that we are not mortal beings doomed to roll in the mud of our wrongdoings. He came to sow the seeds of love in the hearts of men and to show us the way back to our true home, in God. He is the true lighthouse, the guiding star of our shipwrecked hearts.

The meaning of vibhuti
I have known Swami Vishwananda (Visham) since he was thirteen years old. He, Amal, Rose and I were good friends and were inseparable. Visham was lively, fun and very honest. We went to college in Rose-Hill and sometimes we would leave school and go to his place or mine, but we never had a problem with our teachers. Soon, he left the college and began vocational training at Vaqua. But we remained good friends, and on Sundays we would get together. The mandir in Vaqua fascinated Swami Vishwananda. At first I wasn’t that interested in going there, as I thought the best form of prayer was service to humanity. Click here to read the rest of the story 

Back to the path of Christ
I met Swami Vishwananda in Mauritius in 1997. At that time I was repelled by the idea of following a guru because I had read some unfavourable experiences of people writing about such matters. When I tried to picture myself as the follower of a guru, I disliked the picture very much. Click here to read the rest of the story  

The Grace of the master
Usually I am more private regarding my experiences with my spiritual Master Sri Swami Vishwananda, but the following experience he has given me shows as clear as crystal who he really is and for that reason I would like to share it with you.
One day the question came up for me what bhakti, surrender to the Divine, truly is. What does it mean to surrender completely? We sing and pray, dance and cry to God, but is this really bhakti or just an emotional expression of feelings and wishes? What is the difference between bhakti and emotionality?
I was carrying this question around for a while until it became so urgent for me to find an answer to it that I turned to Guruji. I asked him to grant me a question. He answered, only if it is a spiritual question. For some reason I did not feel accepted, so I turned around to leave while saying, yes, it is a spiritual question. But I never actually formulated this question.
When I came back to my room to reflect about this exchange with my Guru I was suddenly  lifted into a different state to have an immediate experience of surrender to the Divine which was so intense that the separation between me and the Divine was dissolved. Guruji did not only know my question which I had never formulated, he also gave me the answer in form of an experience which would never have been possible without the grace of God.
(By Prajna, Springen ) 

A scent of flowers in my bedroom

Already quite a while before meeting Swami Vishwananda in person I had a strong feeling of a higher presence being with me. One evening, about three months before finally meeting him I was visiting with my aunt. It was a rainy, windy day and so I had the windows of my room closed. At about 10 pm I retired to have some time for silence and meditation before going to bed. Upon entering my room I immediately sensed a different energy, very soft, very gentle, very beautiful, like a golden light though invisible to my eyes. And the whole room was filled with a scent of flowers. There was a presence in my room so palpable that it made me slow down and smile and I greeted whoever was there by saying, “Hi”. I knew that I was being visited by a divine presence and this beautiful scent of flowers was like a greeting to confirm that this was real and that he was there with me and that I was being loved.  (by Prajna, Springen)

The Ramayana

Wenn Swami Vishwananda was eighteen, he was talking always upon the Ramayana, he had really this in the mind. He went in meditation that he was practising very seriously. After Swami Vishwananda told me that the american scientist are near to discover the existence of the bridge build by Rama and the monkey in the Ramayana. 
(by Ravi)

 My questions are answered
At the time I was 17 years old and I was not very spiritual minded. I remember one night Swami Vishwananda and me couldn’t sleep so we decided to go up to the roof and listen to bhajans on a loudspeaker and dance. We were very excitable and energetic at 2am in the morning and were having lots of fun. I recall that Swami and I were dancing, holding onto each other and spinning out of control and letting off fireworks! Swami’s mother and sister had tried to convince us to all to turn off the music and go to bed which we eventually agreed to around 4am. Everyone had started to make their way down to the house to sleep, apart from Swami Vishwananda, myself and another boy. 

We stayed on the roof and started to chat about spirituality. I found that I was engrossed with what Swami was saying and was becoming increasingly inquisitive. I asked Swami Vishwananda some questions about the universe, my life and spirituality. Swami listened to my questions and then presented me with a unique and awesome opportunity where he offered to mediate on my questions and ask a divine soul to personally come and answer my questions. 

Swami Vishwananda begun to meditate and around 15 minutes later I heard an astounding deep voice from behind Swami ask me “what do you want?” I turned around to see who was actually talking to me, however I did not know who it was. Present on the roof was Swami, another boy and myself and none us were talking! I felt a powerful energy some sort of apparition or light was behind Swami. I could feel this energy and see a blue and white tinted light. It felt like a surge of electricity around me. The other boy present during this time put his hands together to pray before this divine energy. I did not know what to say, so I kept silent.  

The divine being started to talk to me about myself and also explained to me that Swami is his child, a part of himself born on earth in human form to awaken the divinity in us all, to realize the Supreme Lord. He also spoke to me about my special connection with Swami. The divine being then asked me 

“Do you remember when I danced as Nataraja and split the earth into two lands?” I tried to recall any memory of this event but I could not. However I nodded my head out of respect to say I remembered, but in reality I did not. I was then amazed he then asked me “what do you want Ravi?” I replied “only your blessing Bhagwan Shankar”. Swami was still meditating at this point. Shankar bhagwan then suddenly said “your brother is needed, I have to leave.” I asked “but why?” He replied in a calm manner “Because your uncle and your cousin are coming now. I have to leave so that both you and your brother can greet him”. Shankar Bhagwan gave me his blessing and told me that he would always be with me and left. 

At this point I thought to myself its 4 o’clock in the morning, my uncle will not visit us at this time of night. Swami came out of his meditation and opened his eyes, and as I turned my head I saw my uncle and cousin approaching the house. They could not sleep so they wanted to visit us!

  (by Ravi)  


At the end of a retreat of Bhakti Marga in Steffenshof in dezember 2007 in Germany, Swami Vishwananda gave a satsang. As nobody had more questions. I asked him:

-          You said in your satsang the most important thing on the spiritual path is HUMILITY. So how do I get humility?

-          Humility comes from Humus, earth. First you have to be grounded to develop humility. Second humility will come by praising the Lord instead of praising the mind.

-          But my mind is always praising me! I answered.

-          Don’t praise you but praise always God. Offer everything to the divine, don’t take it upon yourself. Offer the praise to God. It’s only God which act through you.


Narasimha vision

My first reunion with my master Swami Vishwananda was on the 2. February 2010. When you are born you search and every meeting is a part of the Divine play.

In 2010 I was apart of a bhajan group, playing drums. We were extended an invite by Gurunathan (owner of the house and the land where the Narasimha temple was built) to perform bhajans. Our expectation before arriving  was that we would be at just another temple where we will perform bhajans and then leave.

On arriving  at the Narasimha temple we were amazed of the presence of the Divinity. The deity present was so radiant and seated on the chair. On the far end was Swami, he looked very blissful.

The group started to perform bhajans and we continued for four hours long singing and chanting the Lord’s names. It was so beautiful that Swami decided to perform an Abishekam on Narasimha. Afterwards we asked him for his blessing and have darshan of him. He answered that He does not do this unplanned. But his mercy and love was so much that he agreed to the impromptu darshan. We all received his blessings and after the darshan we returned home full energized.

The next day I had a yearning to speak to him,  Click here to read the rest of the story.

Experience with Swami Vishwananda

When I was in London I heard that my aunty who was 92 years old was very ill.  I arranged to go and see her with her daughter in Nottingham. The day before her daughter phoned and told me that we can’t go tomorrow because her husband was not well. I was a bit sad because I had already tried to see her before and it didn’t happen, so this time I really wanted to go. Then I thought if I am meant to see her I will see her.

The next day I was doing my daily routine at home. In the afternoon my son phoned me and said Swamiji Vishwananda is in London and we are going to see him, would you like to come? 
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Kenya Amazing miracle of Swami Vishwananda
The photo of Swami Vishwananda was blessed with vibuthi in our temple in nairobi mother took the photo to mumbai and placed the photo on top of the family temple in mumbai ..a few days later - i was in melbourn and as i was getting off the tram- my rucksack bag got stuck in the door resulting in me slipping and fallling down on concrete steps - at the same time in mumbai the above photo also fell down - all the vibuthi on the frame came out -but frame was still intact( so was i -no serious injury) mum cleaned the photo and placed it on the temple again...the next day - i called mumbai and told my mum of my fall-and as we were talking - vibuthi started manifesting on swamis photo again per today- the entire photo is now covered with vibuthi in mumbai ....thank you swami ji ...jgd

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My son  is greatly blessed

Which personn could better tells us about Swami Vishwananda as his own mother? Here she remembers the time where Swami Vishwananda was still a child:
 "Mauritius is where my son, Visham, was born on June 13, 1978. And on that small island, he grew up. Today, Visham is known and respected around the world as Swami Vishwananda. It is in Mauritius that I grew up as well. In Mauritius, like India, everyone knows everyone else living in the vicinity. Unlike towns where people do not know their neighbour, in Mauritius people in close proximity are like one big family, and everyone talks to everyone else.
In his youth, Swami Vishwananda played with all the children who lived nearby". To read the full story please click here. (from Bindow, Mother of Swami Vishwananda)

The childhood of Swami Vishwananda
One morning while I was still sleeping, Visham (the name we called Swami Vishwanana as a child) was playing in the kitchen. Perhaps he was thirsty; he took a bottle of petrol and drank some of it. I thought he might be dying and quickly found someone to drive us to the hospital once again. Later I saw that I was still dressed in my nightgown and slippers and wondered how I could gracefully go back home dressed like that.

From the time that he was very small to the age of five, Visham was sick on a regular basis. He often had a high fever and convulsions. About every month, he had a high fever and we took him to the hospital until he recovered. To read the full story please click here. (from Bindow, Mother of Swami Vishwananda)

How much can you pray?
During Swami Vishwananda’s youth I thought only that he was naughty; I did not realize how special he was and that everything he did was special, even the naughty things. He prayed all the time. I don’t know where Swami Vishwananda learned all the mantras and prayers in those early years. It seemed strange to me and everyone else that such a small child was praying and chanting mantras continuously. However, everyone genuinely seemed moved by a little child offering all the prayers and pujas. I asked him, “How much can you pray? You are always praying; stop praying now!” To read the full story please click here. (from Bindow, Mother of Swami Vishwananda)

The youth of Swami Vishwananda
During those early years I often was scared. I wanted to have a son like other mothers, one who went to school, got his degrees, got a good position, perhaps worked in an office. Visham wanted only to do his pujas and be a pandit. I told him that the day he stopped going to school, he would have to learn how to be a mechanic. At fifteen he stopped going to school. For the next six months he learned how to be a mechanic. When I saw him coming home every day with dirty clothes and hands, I was sad and began to think that I did not want my son doing those dirty things.
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A long queue in front of our house

A lady brought a small picture and asked Swami Vishwananda (Visham) to put it in his room to bless it, which he did. I told the lady, “I don’t want that picture in his room; we have enough pictures in our house, so please take it with you”. But as Visham put the picture in his room, it became two pictures. The lady left leaving the two pictures with Visham. I ran after her telling her, “Don’t tell anyone what you have seen here”. Soon everyone knew about it! Then day after day, even before seven in the morning until late at night, people began to form a long queue in front of our house. I became sick and stressed with people in my home all the time. I had no time to cook and no time for myself anymore. I felt like my life was finished and there only were people everywhere in my home all day long! To read the full story please click here. (from Bindow, Mother of Swami Vishwananda)

He gave every one a lingam
Swami Vishwananda began to sing bhajans all day with the people who came to see the manifestations and materializations. There were people everywhere in our home and there seemed to be no place left for the family. I became tired, finished! During this time Swami Vishwananda (Visham) began to produce lingams as well. During a special festival day, he materialized thirty-four lingams. If the person was not there when he took the lingam out, he would swallow it and bring it back out when the person arrived. I cried seeing how tired he became and how bloody and painful it was for him to bring the lingams out of his throat. He gave everyone a lingam.To read the full story please click here. (from Bindow, Mother of Swami Vishwananda)

Travelling all over the world
Every day something new was happening and I wondered each morning on awakening what would be new that day. One day Swami Vishwananda was not at home. I went into his room and saw four big ladoos, a round Indian sweet, lying on his bed. I had never seen ladoos like those because they were as big as tennis balls, hot as if just cooked and covered with honey and almonds. Visham arrived just then and shouted, “Who put the ladoos on my bed?”  I said, “It wasn’t me and I was alone in the house the whole time!”
The time eventually arrived when Visham was eighteen years old and he started travelling all over the world. To read the full story please click here. (from Bindow, Mother of Swami Vishwananda)

How well Swami Vishwananda looks after me
A few months after meeting Swami Vishwananda for the first time he was to conduct Darshan and  Yagna in Holland over one weekend in two different cities. This meant travelling about 300km to get to the first city. I did not have the financial means for transport and accommodation, so I decided for hitchhiking and to trust in God to look after me regarding bed and food.  Click here to read the rest of the story. (by Prajna)

Bilocation of Swami

I met Swami Vishwananda for the first time in 1995 when he was only seventeen years old and still living with his parents in Rose Hill, Mauritius. At a later time some members of my family and I went to an Indian nightclub. We were happily dancing when all of a sudden I caught sight of Swami Vishwananda standing a few meters away watching us.

 Uncertain of whether or not I was imagining having seen Swamiji, I asked my sister if she had seen him. She confirmed that she had seen Swami also. The next day when we visited him at his residence, the first thing Swami said was, “Did you enjoy your dance last night?” We were stunned by his words and from that day on, we never have set foot into a nightclub!
B.G.S. Mauritius

Vibhuti in a shop

The cousin of Swami Vishwananda tells us about an amazing experience he hade with him in London:
"Nearby where I used to live there was a large family run wholesalers shop. We became quite familiar with each other, and would end up talking at length about different things. During our numerous conversations, I had mentioned my Guruji Swami Vishwananda and my experiences to them. As with most people they were intrigued to meet Swami and had expressed this on several occasions.

It was in June 1997 that Swami Vishwananda was in London, and we happened to visit this shop for a few items. The owner of the shop instantly recognised us and called us into his office to meet the rest of his family. After talking with Swami the shop owner’s wife asked for some sacred Vibhuti. Swami Vishwananda materialised the Vibhuti and distributed to everyone apart from me! He had started to wash his hands when I said to him “you know bro, you gave everyone Vibhuti...” “Yes” he replied. I continued “but you never gave me any Vibhuti!” Swami looked at me and laughed and said “Do you want Vibhuti ?” I readily replied “yes because you gave it to everyone apart from me.” Swami asked me to put my hand forward and materialised a huge heap of hot scented vibhuti in an instant. I did not know what to do with such a large amount of vibhuti so I distributed to everyone and kept a little for myself".

The greatmother health

It went back to Mauritius in 1998 as my grandmother was seriously ill and the doctors had given up hope, and informed the family that she did not have long to live. I remember at the time I visited her first and then went to stay with Swami Vishwananda. Whilst talking to him about the situation Swami Vishwananda said “I don’t feel it’s our grandmother’s time to leave this body. She will recover even though the doctors have predicted that she has only two days to live”.  Two days later our grandmother’s health had not only improved and she had walked all the way to my uncle’s (Swami Vishwananda’s father) house to visit us!
(by Ravi the cousin of Swami Vishwananda)

Swami’s early devotion

I have known Swami Vishwananda since he was a child, as he is my cousin. The earliest memory I have of Swami is when I was seven years old and I went on holiday to Mauritius.

I remember Swami as being a very hard working boy. Everyday he would wake up very early in the morning and pray with our grandmother. He would then do all his household chores before going to school in the morning and continued them upon his return from school.When I visited Mauritius, we would always have a lot of fun and get into a lot of mischief and play games. One of my earliest recollections was enacting the Ramayana. Swami would play the role Rama, his sister Tina was Sita and I was Lakshmana. Click here to read the rest of the story(by Ravi )

First meeting with Swami Vishwananda

It was the end of September 2003, and I was on my way to  India.  A great Mahatma was to celebrate his fiftieth birthday.  I was one of a number of spiritual seeker, who had volunteered for kitchen duty:  cleaning vegetables, peeling onions, and so forth.

A young man on my flight told me about Swami Vishwananda.  I listened with interest but was not able to picture him clearly in my mind. The young man explained that Swami Vishwananda could materialize, produce lingams, and also do everything else that marked an avatar. However, this conversation was forgotten amid the work and the experience of this fiftieth birthday. Click here to read the rest of the story. (by Gloria)

Ignoring Maya
During the Onenes’ Congress in December 2006 on Swami Vishwananda’s US tour, Swami gave a lecture on mudras in Pasadena. The huge room with a balcony could hold up to 3,000 people. Swami sat on a great stage and only about a hundred people were scattered around the room. He started to speak warmly about spirituality. He then demonstrated the mudras, explaining their significance and the mantras linked to them. In front of me, some young girls were listening absentmindedly while a boy sat next to them and started flirting with them. Then some more people arrived but didn’t stay, as they seemed to seek something more spectacular. In the room, there was a freezing draft and little by little, some 30 people left the room. I was feeling so bad for my guru who had to bear this empty room and the freezing ambiance.  Click here to read the rest of the story. (by Pritalananda)

A long prayer
In 2000 we made with Swami Vishwananda and 50 people a pilgrim trip to holy places in Italy. One evening, we arrived at the Oropa Monastery with our bus where we were to spend the night. The sight is magnificent as the monastery is perched in the mountains and snow covers the rocks around. After we organised our belongings and dined in the refectory, we went to pray to the beautiful black Madonna in the sanctuary. The tradition relates that Saint Eusebe had brought this wooden statue, carved by Saint Luke from Jerusalem.
Click here to read the rest of the story. (by Pritalananda)

Sinusitis healing
Many people came for the 2005 Shivaratri ceremony in Steffenshof. Because of the lack of space, Uddhavananda and I were sleeping in Swami Vishwananda’s bedroom. To make things more fun, the heating broke down in the main house. Fortunately, the heating in the temple and the other house still worked. Since my childhood I suffered from chronic sinusitis and no remedy could ever cure it. A crisis started and I had to keep lying on my mattress in Swami’s room, swallowing salted waters through my nostrils to try and calm the sinuses. Visitors were coming in and out of his room.
Click here to read the rest of the story. (by Pritalananda)

A new life
On August 15th 2001, I was witness to a miracle that I will never in my life forget. My mother was taken ill very suddenly, suffering from some cardiac problems. While I was with her in the hospital, I phoned Swami and told him about the current situation. As I was speaking to him, the doctors were trying to start my mother’s heart with electric shocks. Swami was very upset saying that she was like his own mother and to tell her that he was coming to see her and that she should wait for him. (by Yogeshini) 
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Vivhutti blessing in the Grube Louise

I was excited to attend my first retreat with Swami in the seminar centre Grube Louise in Germany. I was accompanied by a dear friend. We arrived very early so we decided to collect a few herbs with the intention of brewing a healthy tea. I also used the time to look around the centre, and found myself drawn to the meditation room. After I came out somewhat more relaxed, I saw Swami sitting with Eva on the multicoloured wall of the small well.
Swami greeted me with a cordial smile and I saw something white sticking out of his closed hand. I asked what it was and saw that it was Vibhutti (sacred ash) which he then placed into my hand. I sank on my knees before him and he blessed me. I asked if I may take a photo of him. His response: "but please do it" made my last inhibitions disappear. Later that evening I experienced my first Yagna ceremony with Swami Vishwananda. The sky sparkled with infinite star formations. 

The next morning we had Bhajan singing in the meditation room and Swami blessed us and gave everyone a small bag of Vibhutti. Swami sang “Wahe Guru” so beautifully that my voice failed when he sang. I was once again brought to tears and realized that I do not have to be ashamed of this beautiful experience. I loved Swami and thanked God.

The fish
From the time Swami has lived in Quatre-Bornes, he has always kept an aquarium in his house. In 1998 Swamiji organized an outing for his friends from Switzerland who were visiting Mauritius. We visited a river as Swami likes fish, and he started to sing bhajans. After about five minutes there were lots of red fish swimming beside us. When he stopped singing, all the fish swam away.
From the time Swami has lived in Quatre-Bornes, he has always kept an aquarium in his house.

The vibhuti

Swami was about fourteen years old and attending college, when He called me at work.  “Do you know Aunty, today vibhuti has appeared in my room”? He sounded quite confused and didn’t understand what was happening.

I told him not to worry, that we would visit his room with our family after work to see what was happening. When we arrived, everyone was amazed to see vibhuti covering the room and coming out of the walls. Everyone at first thought it was damp flakes coming from the walls themselves. An aunt who lived in the same yard tried to wipe the vibhuti off with a cloth but was unable to do so and felt dizzy. When she went back to her own house, the pavement in front of the door was also covered with vibhuti. Swami’s mother was shocked and surprised at what was happening. But soon after the appearance of the vibhuti, people came from the neighbourhood, surrounding areas and soon from all corners of Mauritius to see for themselves the miracles that were taking place. Click here to read the rest of the story(by Pritalananda)

The coconut tree
In November 1992, I was on holiday in Mauritius. I was staying with my mum and Swami visited us almost every day. One very hot day he came by the house to visit us.  We sat down and shared some refreshing coconut water that our neighbour had sent over. Later, Swami went into the back garden. He looked up at our coconut tree, which was drooping with several heavy bunches of more than fifty coconuts, and said to my mum, “Why doesn’t uncle get these lovely coconuts down for aunty to drink?” (by aunty)

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Apparitions of Mother Mary in Mauritius

For a certain period of time when Swami Vishwananda was living in Mauritius in 1999 -2000, every Friday at precisely 9:15 p.m. an apparition of Mother Mary appeared in the chapel at Rose Hill. Devotees came to the chapel to pray the rosary from nine p.m. until the Divine Mother appeared. Each time immediately before the apparition came, I saw blue sparks and balls of light. Swamiji said that the lights were angels that accompanied Mother Mary. After She appeared, Swami Vishwananda would start to speak with Her. His words were not audible to us but we could clearly see Swami’s lips moving as if in conversation. During that time we stopped the rosary and tried to feel Mother’s presence. Swami’s conversations with Mother Mary usually lasted for about ten minutes and then Swamiji would relay Her message to us.

During one of Her appearances, Mother Mary requested that a small chapel be built in the garden. On that day She gave Swami Vishwananda a scapular. Just before the ashram in Mauritius was inaugurated in the year 2000, a group of fifteen people prayed the rosary in the garden one Friday evening, the time when the apparition of Mother Mary always appeared.  When the Divine Mother came that night, all of the people present saw a ball of light gliding down a branch of a tree that was close to the chapel.

One Friday evening in Mauritius before the weekly apparition of Mother Mary and while we were waiting for the rosary to begin, we heard a loud thud. Everyone turned around and observed Swamiji kneeling down in deep ecstasy. His lips were moving as they usually did when he had apparitions. Shortly all the people gathered there and saw a host floating through the air and into Swami Vishwananda’s open mouth. Although those present did not see who gave Swami the host, he later told us that it had been St Michael. (by Arpana - Mauritius)

Delving into himself

I first became acquainted with Swami Vishwananda in 1998 when he came to Switzerland. In the year 2001, I had the pleasure of having Swami and Fabian live with me in my home for one year. It was a beautiful time with Swami and I cherish it deeply. Then he moved to Germany. Often we would be driving with Swami in the car, always singing and having a good time. Such moments are diamonds inside a treasure chest. We would often cook together and eat, just enjoying each other’s company. Many people came to the house to discuss private things with him and he also gave private interviews in my practise. Many of my patients were very interested in speaking with him.

I told Swami of my experiences with Daskalos which he found very interesting. Swami was still strongly rooted in the traditional Hindu ways and so he wanted to learn more about the Christian way of life. It was moving to see then how he delved deep inside himself and there found everything he needed to know.

On another occasion, I was with Swami in Nairobi where he wanted to visit some friends. During this time he was having a lot of visions of Mother Mary. These visions would at times bring him violently and suddenly to his knees, much to the shock of our hosts. It was quite difficult to deal with as it all looked so dramatic. Our hosts were very anxious but luckily Swami never hurt himself too much.

Swami was often given messages from Jesus and Mother Mary. In his room, there was a large white wall on which an enormous OM sign made of vibhuti, appeared.

Christoph - Switzerland

The Om Ring

Swami Vishwananda and I were in July 1999 in Mauritius. We had all gathered in the temple and had just finished a lively bhajan. After the bhajan Swami called me and materialised a silver Om ring for me. I looked at the ring I thought to myself I like the Om on the ring but I wasn’t too keen on the style of the ring.

The following morning at the breakfast table I sat and looked at my ring and the mosquito bites that surrounded it. A few moments later Swami Vishwananda walked into the room and asked “you like the ring?” I replied half heartedly “yes bro I like the ring it’s beautiful”. Swami was not convinced by my response and asked again if I liked the ring and I replied yet again “yes it’s nice.”  Swami Vishwananda then came over to me and said “I know you don’t like the ring, it doesn’t matter!” Before I could say anything Swami had pulled the ring off my finger and grazed my sore mosquito bites! He asked once more “you don’t want the ring!?” I replied more determined “I want it! I do like the ring!” Swami then blew on the ring in his hand and changed the Om ring to a silver ring with a large deep red stone. 

He then asked me “Do you like this ring?” “Yes” I replied more happily looking at my new ring. I worn this ring for a long time until Swami gave me another Om ring which I currently wear. (by Ravi)

You must not be unhappy

I can truly say that the first time I met Swami Vishwananda was one of the most important days of my life and can never be wiped from my memory. I agreed to go and see Swami at one of his darshans. In the parking lot of the venue, I saw the bishop of the Liberal Church. I joked with him lightly saying that we had turned up dressed in matching complimentary colours, he in purple and myself in orange. We were seated together somewhere near the front of the hall. Click here to read the rest of the story.
(by Mataji)

The lost organizer
I lost my personal organizer which is very important to me because I have all numbers and all my appointments in it. I searched everywhere for it. In the car, flat, on the street but there was nothing. I couldn’t believe it and I was looking in the same places over and over again. After 2 days I became desperate and started to pray to Swamiji to show me where my organizer was. Suddenly I had the feeling that it was in my car and that I should go there to have a look. I said to myself, I won’t go to the car. I was there already 5 times, but the feeling was so strong and so I looked again and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The organizer was there! Under the car seat but not hidden. It was clearly visible. It’s no question for me that Swamiji materialized the organizer. Thank you Guruji! (by Pari)

Apparition in the yard

During the time that Swami Vishwananda’s Mauritius ashram was under construction, from 1999 – 2000, one afternoon my mother, my sister Arpana and I were in its back yard. To my amazement, Swami Vishwananda suddenly became visible, standing about three or four meters (three or four yards) in front of us.  I knew with certainty that he was away from the ashram travelling in Switzerland. The three of us stood in silence for some time. To check whether or not my eyes were playing tricks on me, I asked my mother and sister if they had seen Swamiji. They quietly informed me that they both had seen Swami standing in the yard even though they knew he was in another country at the time. (by B. G. S. - Mauritius)


As light as a leaf
On one occasion, while Swami was in Rose Hill, he wanted to get something from the top of the van but he could not reach it, as the roof was too high for him. He asked me if I would help him. I put my hands together so that he could use them as a step up to reach the top of the van. I was amazed to find that I could barely feel his weight! (by Yogeshini - Mauritius)  


My first darshan

It is said that the first impression you have when you meet somebody is the good one. It can be also the first darshan you had with Swami Vishwananda. A man wrote us these lines:
My first Darshan really convinced me of the greatness of this marvellous Avatar. I looked into His eyes at Darshan and saw the Divine.  It is not something that you can easily write about, it has to be experienced. It’s a bit like me trying to describe the Mona Lisa to you. You have to see it with your own eyes to experience its beauty. Looking into Swami Vishwananda’s eyes at Darshan was like looking into your very own soul, into the pure blissful state that exists beyond the mind, beyond any words that anyone has ever managed to describe. I was indeed in the presence of Greatness. Of that there was no doubt!


He is non-judgmental
Swamiji often delivers speeches before giving darshan. He does not plan the topics he chooses to speak about, they simply flow. Often it turns out that many questions that people have wanted to ask him are answered during his speeches. Once I asked him to talk about world peace. He answered that this might be a good idea and he later went on to talk about the importance of peace in the mind. He said that the outside world would never provide stability or security for a person and that these very qualities would have to be found within inside each person.
Click here to read the rest of the story.


 The big wave
There is a place in Mauritius where the sea is always rough. There is a cliff where you can stand and look at the sea. While we were there, someone in our group was making fun of Swamiji. Swamiji told him to stop or he would be wet by the massive waves.
The person did not listen and suddenly Swamiji lifted his hands up and down and the waves started to move up and then down completely soaking the man! Everyone then went up to Swami and asked him to repeat it again as they wanted to see the huge wave (see picture). He did it for us several times and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. The waves were all falling down on us like a huge shower! We were all wet but very happy and content.  

Painting icons on Swami’s ashram chapel walls
Swami Vishwananda enjoys being creative and he loves painting. Shortly after Swami Vishwananda’s main ashram at Steffenshof, Germany was purchased, I learned that there was a little chapel on the property. I was informed that Swami had the intention of painting frescos of saints on the walls of the chapel.
(by Jahnvi) Click here to read the rest of the story.

A visit to St Leopold Mandic

During a pilgrimage trip to Italy in 2005 with Swami Vishwananda we arrived late in Padua. It was midnight so I proposed to stay outside of Padua to find a hotel but Swami wanted to sleep so close as possible from the church where St Anthony of Padua is buried. So we went with the car in the middle of the city and I parked the car on the big place of the old city where the cathedral of St Anthony can be seen. I was wondering how we will get a hotel here tonight. Swami told me: “Look for an hotel”. I answered: “Yes for sure, I see some hotels but all of them seem to be closed. I don’t see any light. But lets go and check”. Swami went also out of the car and we were checking one hotel after the other. All were closed. So we came back to the car. Suddenly, from nowhere came a man and he asked us in Italian if we were looking for a hotel and he told us that he knew a hotels’ owner who was living not far from here. (by Vijaya) Click here to read the rest of the story.

Why Swami Vishwananda wanted to venerate St Leopold Mandic
Leopold Mandic was native of Croatia, he joined the Capuchin Franciscans and was ordained several years later in spite of several health problems. He could not speak loudly enough to preach publicly. For many years he also suffered from severe arthritis, poor eyesight and a stomach ailment. Leopold taught patrology, the study of the Church Fathers, to the clerics of his province for several years, but he is best known for his work in the confessional, where he sometimes spent 13-15 hours a day. Several bishops sought out his spiritual advice.

Leopold’s dream was to go to the Orthodox Christians and work for the reunion of Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy. His health never permitted it. Leopold often renewed his vow to go to the Eastern Christians; the cause of unity was constantly in his prayers. He spent also one year in Italian prison during world war, since he did not want to renounce his Croatian nationality. He was gifted with mystic abilities like prophecy. Leopold, who lived most of his life in Padua, died on July 30, 1942. His tomb was opened 1966 his corpse being still intact.


We are living my husband and me in Kenya. In 1997 we made a trip to India. When we came back home from India, somebody told us about Swami Vishwananda. Coincidentally, the lady’s home where he was staying was a friend of mine. She told me:

“Come to my house tonight, he is such a lovely person - you have to see him. He is out at the moment but I will call you as soon as he gets back”.

My friend called me later that evening.

“Sorry, Swami Vishwananda came back late and he is tired now, you have to come another time”.

“No problem”, I said, “When God wants it, I will meet him”.

We went to sleep that night, but at two o’clock in the morning we were woken up by the telephone ringing! I wondered who could possibly be ringing me at this time of the night.Click here to read the rest of the story. (by Kajal and Sanjit)

Back to Kenya
Swami Vishwananda returned after one month to Kenya, and we took him to the homeless children’s home. There he blessed all the children and materialised a pendant for every child. I was very touched to see his love for these children.

Before my tenth wedding anniversary he gave me a surprise party, he was nineteen years old. After the party, it was twelve o’clock; he came home for tea and asked me:

“Where is my room?”

“Any room you like”, I told him.

“OK, so be ready, I will come to you soon”.

He was staying at somebody else’s house at this time, so I assumed he was joking. When he left for Switzerland, he called me on the phone:

“Please, get my things and get my room ready”.

Two months later, Swami Vishwananda came to our house. On the wall of his room appeared the signs of the three main religions: the cross, the OM and the crescent all drawn with vibhuti.

When he was in Nairobi, Swami Vishwananda used to give darshan at home so I had 500 people at home every day.

One year later he came again. In August 1998, for Janmashtami, the birthday feast of Lord Krishna, he materialised nine baby Krishnas: four made of silver and five made of gold.

One evening in 1998, we went to see the movie The Day After Tomorrow about a terrible tsunami. As we went back home, Swami Vishwananda told us, “This will come true”. It was seven years later when the tragedy of the tsunami occurred.

Kajal and Sanjit - Kenya

Meeting Swami

It was around August 1998 in my hometown of Zürich in Switzerland that I met my guru again. After many months of quietude, reading spiritual books and reflecting on spiritual topics, I felt like it was time to join other people who were on the same path. Not because I wanted or needed to socialise, I simply felt pulled to be among others to sing, pray and be present.

Leading up to meeting Swami Vishwaqnanda, there were signs announcing his imminent arrival. A few months earlier a friend of my father’s had given me a present. On the cover of the book a yogi was looking up to the sky wearing an orange robe. When I received it, I thought, “There we go, another guru in orange. He can’t be that important. I’ve already found what I’m looking for”. I left the book on a little table near my bed and ignored it until months after meeting Swami Vishwananda. (by Divyanananda)

One week before the pre-destined meeting, a man unknown to me at that time approached me after bhajans and prayers that I visited regularly, showing peculiarly great interest in me. Since I wasn’t much into socialising in that environment, but rather into introspection, I wasn’t giving the friendly man named Urs much room to connect with me. Besides, I was in a hurry to meet a friend for a drink at a restaurant nearby. Before I rushed off he managed to deliver his message, “In a week, when we come together again for bhajans, two young wonder men will be coming. Make sure you come”. Over the following days I forgot about the announcement, but did manage to attend bhajans again the next Thursday. (by Divyananda)

The next week, Urs and I were sitting in the room with another twenty people or so when Swami Vishwananda, accompanied by Fabian, entered. After bhajans, I joined them as we went to Urs’ apartment and I had my first conversation with Swami Vishwananda. He asked me, as he would often do again later in other situations, “So, tell me something… talk”. I didn’t like that question. What was I to say? I felt very nervous. I can’t say it was joy. It was rather a feeling of, “Oops, this is serious. What do I do now…?” Maybe it’s like a wild young horse that has been caught and instinctively knows, “This is it, game over. No more wild running around, doing whatever I please…being unaccountable, undisciplined, or what have you”. It’s one of the peculiarities of my life that my first feeling with Swami Vishwananda wasn’t one of pure joy. At the same time, deep inside, I felt strongly - I was absolutely certain that he was someone very, very special. While the physical part of me was perhaps a little uncomfortable at first, my soul knew exactly who he was.
(by Divyananda)

The period following the day that I first met Swami Vishwananda became the most intense period of my life. It was like being in love. My whole life became more vibrant and I loved being with Swami. The subsequent months during which I would spend much time with him were filled with joy, beauty and laughter. He would sometimes call me, usually reaching me in the evening when I would still be in the downtown Zürich office. His voice sounded like the sweetest of all mothers calling her child. Swami Vishwananda would repeat my name many times and it felt like He was saying, “Dearest child, finally… finally I have found you again”. It seemed as if he was simultaneously far away and deep in the universe, yet incredibly close at the same time. (by Divyananda)

In retrospect, it all happened very quickly and naturally. It was amazing that someone like me would start joining and singing bhajans wherever we were, whether it was at my home or on our travels with Swami Vishwananda. Urs organised and accompanied us on many travels, as did Fabian whose spiritual name later became Jyotirananda. We spent lots of time in and around Hünibach, Jyotirananda’s home town near Thun, Switzerland. These were very special and happy times. It seemed they would never end and it felt like this was the way life would continue forever.

I met Swami Vishwananda in jeans rather than robed and it was natural for me to regard him as the closest of friends. That’s how he treated me and how I interacted with him. Only after some weeks, when Fabian, Swami and I travelled to London, did I see him in a robe for the first time and realised: “Oh, this is my friend, look at all the people who come to see him in his robe, look at how elegant and majestic he looks”. I was glad my friendship started with getting to know him in jeans. I loved him in his simplicity and my love for him was pure. (by Divyananda) 



In some intimate conversations we had, Swami Vishwananda told me he was free of birth cycles, and that he could leave this earth at will anytime he pleased. The thought made me sad, but I knew he wouldn’t actually leave soon. Yet it was a good reminder not to take his presence for granted. Swami Vishwananda also said that one day he would become stricter as more and more people would come to him. This also made me a little sad because I loved the way he was — the sweetness, his childlike innocence. Why change this innocent pure nature into anything harsher? But I also knew at that stage already that he had a mission to accomplish. From my own professional experience I knew too well that it was sometimes necessary to apply firmness in fulfilling one’s duty.
(by Divyananda)

I was ready to drop everything, I was doing right there and then to join and support Swami Vishwananda on this path. I knew that the best way to use my life force was to help him. There was no more effective use of my time. I had always checked and controlled how I used my time in that respect, asking myself regularly, “Am I doing the best I can to serve the higher good?” My professional activity was the best answer I had come up with until then. With Swami Vishwananda’s arrival, I started to question all of this. As it turned out, it wasn’t yet time for me to give up my professional activities. Years after this initial realisation, towards the end of the year 2007, the right timing is approaching: I’ll be dropping my entrepreneurial activities in favour of duties Swami requests of me.

(by Divyananda)

My best friend

My relationship with Swami Vishwananda is that of best friend. Nevertheless, on one particular occasion he spoke to me quite sternly. I got very upset and went home. Once I was in my bedroom, I started to think about what had happened. Unexpectedly, Swamiji suddenly appeared in front of me. His skin and clothes were tinged blue, and he simply smiled at me and then vanished. 

I was so disturbed that I went straight back to his place. As soon as I saw Swami Vishwananda he said to me, “You should not leave like that. Sometimes it is normal that I speak to you in that manner”.

 I immediately understood my error and replied, “Yes, it is stupid that I got so upset. You appeared to me in my bedroom, so I came back here”. He smiled and said, “You understand that if I don’t say anything when you make mistakes, then you will start doing the same things again”. Thus I not only have a divine friend but, even more wonderful, I have a master to guide me through this jungle of life!
(by Kumaraguptananda)

The Ramayana

Wenn Swami Vishwananda was eighteen years old, he was talking always upon the Ramayana, he had really this in the mind. He went in meditation that he was practising very seriously. After he told me that the american scientist are near to discover the existence of the bridge build by Rama and the monkey in the Ramayana. Three years later, I talked to a friend what Swami Vishwananda said about the bridge of the Ramayana. This friend called me four years later  to tell me:

-          You know Ravi, the american scientists have discover through photos from satellite the linked bridge which connected Sri Lanka to India.

-          Wooaoo!! That’s great. It’s amazing. Swami Vishwananda told me about it seven years before it happened.

That was really a cool experience.
(by Ravi, the cousin of Swami Vishwananda)


The Birthday surprise

For the birthday of Swami Vishwananda in the year 2003, we made Him a surprise with firecrackers. After Swamiji cut his cake he told us:

-          OK now light the firecrackers. we said:

-          There is no firecrakers.

-          Oh yes, I know they are in the Ashram. Please come on and get it.

So, finaly we brought the fire crakers and The surprise was for us instead of being for him. I had to light one firecracker. Which was surrounded bei a row of three big cement briks. While lighting, three of them fell one my left foot. Every one was scared. Swami Vishwananda came to me and told me:

-          Don’t worry, there is nothing broken. It will be OK you will have no pain.

 It was true, I was able to walk and run without any pain.
( by Yogeshini )

Christa’s story with Swami Sri Vishwananda

Having met Swami Sri Vishwananda is a great grace in my life. In the Vedic tradition  it says, how  important  it  is, to  learn from a  living enlightened Master.

After having met Swami Vishwananda,  I experienced great  joy and  the  feeling of finally having found the Guru I was looking for. Since he came into my life, wonderful things are happening like finding sources to study the Vedic Sutras, important studies for my profession and receiving more and more clarity about my life, relationships with myself and with others.

I can feel his guidance inside my heart and I am very grateful for that.

Jay Gurudev.


She also paints a little bit

Digambari - Germany

My friend Zita is an exceptionally gifted painter. She has an internalized painting style, which is highly appreciated by guruji. Some of Zita’s icons are hanging in the front hall and in the Chapel of Springen Center, Swami Vishwananda’s spiritual center in Germany. Two of them emanate sweet-smelling oil.

Once, I arrived at Springen Center after a long drive. Zita was sitting in the orthodox Chapel seeming to concentrate and to meditate. At that moment guruji rushed into the chapel followed by a group of Italian devotees whom he was taking on a tour of the center.  Swami glanced casually at Zita. Then he turned dramatically to one of Zita’s icons and said in a proud voice: “This one, I made“, followed by words of admiration. Zita, who was now standing having abandoned her meditation, stood there with a gaping mouth. Soon, Swami pointed to another  of her icons and said: “And this one, I also made…“ Then he presented to the Italian devotees the Madonna icon Zita had painted that was oozing with oil, as his own masterpiece. At the end of the tour of the icons, Swami went to Zita, patted her cheek and said smilingly to everybody, “She also paints a little bit…“ Artists have the tendency toward a growing ego. Swami Vishwananda’s work, as a teacher, is to teach humility and he does it often with a lot of humour.

Swami Vishwananda ’s omniscience

David – Germany

Once, Swamiji was in our home giving interviews. Months before, all the appointments had been assigned which meant that the demand for him was very great. At the end of the interviews Swamiji decided to cook for all of us. It was the first time that he was in our kitchen, which was not yet fully furnished after our recent move.

Some hanging baskets had been filled with kitchen tools. When Swamiji decided to take a short break from the cooking he went to one of these baskets and unerringly pulled out a small bag from the very bottom where he could not have seen it before since this was his first visit to our place. Swamiji said, while swinging the bag in the air: “This is the favourite condiment of the housewife.” We looked at the bag and could hardly believe it because he was right. It was a bag of vibuthi, holy ash, from India which we used to flavour our food.


One night I received darshan from Swami Vishwananda during a dream. This darshan was very intense and also something special:

Swami Vishwananda gave me his blessing through the third eye together with a mantra. Although I was aware that there was a mantra I did not comprehend which one. The blessing was of such intensity that my head sank onto Swami´s shoulder and there I was like a baby in his mothers arms. It was so beautiful; I could have stayed there forever.

Later at a darshan I told Swami Vishwananda about this dream-darshan and he asked me if I had understood the mantra, which, to my regret, I had not. Then something happened which was very surprising to me: Swami gave me the mantra with the hint: “It’s private.” He also told me how often to repeat the mantra. Quite baffled yet full of gratitude I returned to my seat.
Rolf. Germany.

12.5.10 at the restaurant with Swami Vishwananda

We are in Italy Swami Vishwananda, Pramod and me. After a day well filled, we go to have dinner. As it is 22h, we look in the street for a restaurant in the city, mostly they are all closed. Finally Swami finds a restaurant. It looks like a German “Biergarten”. The people drink beer and talk very loud. The music plays so loud that you have to scream to make yourself heard.

I tell Swami:

-          It is terrible to work in such a place, I have pity for these poor maids.

-          Yes they absorb all the negative energy of the place, said Swami.

-          And we have absorbed also all this negative energy?

-          No I made around us a bulb of protection and I neutralized all what we were eating.

-          Wow, that is cool.

-          Yes, there is so much negative thoughts in this place. The people here are acting like animals, says Swami.

-          With all the alcohol that they are drinking  and the music makes it worse, says Pramod

-          They follow only their instinct, they eat as much as they can, they become drunk and then…

-          It is the same music as in the discos, says Pramod.

-          It takes three years to clean all the negativity that you get when you frequent the discos and then stop.

-          Really? How is this?

-          When a man wants to follow the spiritual way, he has to let down alcohol, the frequentation of women, the cigarettes and meat. You try to think positive, to control your emotion, to serve other people, to think less about your own needs and to detach from the material things. Is it not?

-          Yes.

-          But the marks done by the frequentation of the discos take three years to disappear completely, said Swami.

-          You never went to disco? Asked Pramod.

-          No.

-          You appeared in the disco where Arpana and Bella had gone one evening in Mauritius to scare them and make them leave the place, I said.

-          Yes, I appeared all around them. Each one thought she alone could see me.

-          They said since this experience they never went again to a disco.


In 2011, Gurudev Swami Vishwananda invited my husband and me to come with Him to Mauritius- how lucky we felt to get to go to the island of His birth and childhood!

Our stay in Mauritius turned out to be wonderful, visiting many Temples, meeting the nice devotees there and hearing many stories.

One night, around midnight, five of us were sitting in the courtyard in front of the Temple where we stayed, when Guruji Swami Vishwananda came out to sit with us. He was in a very introverted and serious, yet sweet mood and began talking to us about the importance of communal prayers. We all became very thoughtful about what He had said, and sometime after midnight, went to our respective rooms to sleep a bit before the next morning.

Early the next morning (it was already light outside), I awoke and turned towards the window, which was open. I was surprised and also shocked, to see a creature sitting in front of the window, holding onto the bars- 
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