Stories and experiences with Swami Vishwananda 

This is a personal website of Swami vishwavijayananda, a disciple of Swami Vishwananda.
It contains experiences that he and other people have had with Swami Vishwananda, which were called 108 stories. 
It also contains spiritual stories about various saints & sages as told by Swami.

This Website does not claim to disseminate the official teachings of Swami Vishwananda and is not affiliated with Swami Vishwananda’s Bhakti Marga Foundation.

Please note, that Swami Vishwananda doesn’t claim to be a “healer”, He simply blesses and prays for people that come to Him for help. According to Him, there is no one who can call himself/herself a healer and that it is always God who heals. 

He counsels people:
“If you fill your heart with love for God and can attune yourself to the Divine, you will acquire true knowledge that is not found in books and theory”.

Hoping you will find some interesting experiences that people have shared. Individuals from all over the world could profit from the assistance given to us by Swami Vishwananda, especially His teachings and guidance on the path of devotion. 

About Swami Vishwavijayananda(-Pritalananda) 
Swami Vishwavijayananda was born June 13, 1953. He first met Swami Vishwananda in 1999 and has had many experiences with him. He has traveled regularly with Swami Vishwananda and has collected many stories that devotees have shared over the years. His spiritual name, given by Swami Vishwananda, was Pritalananda. After his initiation as Swami he got the swami name: Vishwavijayananda.

 Swami Vishwananda in meditation

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 Swami Vishwananda in meditation

 MY FIRST ENCOUNTER  by Pritalananda

Swami arrived at my house on a nice and sunny summer afternoon, he remained for ten minutes in the doorway. Everyone was awe-inspired. I couldn’t help repeating in my head: “Babaji is here, Babaji is in my house! This is incredible. My God, how beautiful he is!” As a matter of fact, all those present could not say a word before this handsome twenty-one-year-old boy radiating the Divine. We went on the terrace to observe this ´rare bird´ fallen from Heaven. I was surprised to feel so at ease with him, like an old friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time.
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 Who is Swami Vishwananda?  by Pari

Many friends ask me this question. Actually this is a very difficult question and is nearly impossible to find an answer. If you look at his life, his teachings and how he behaves with people whom are around, you can see only pure love and light. It doesn’t matter, what he is doing, he does everything with much love and patience. He has patience with everyone and loves everyone in the same way. He would never judge or talk bad behind your back. Some people judge him because they don’t understand who he really is. They have an image about a Guru in their mind and think he has to be like they want him to be.
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 An extraordinary being 
by Jyotirananda

I know Swami Vishwananda as a very close friend. I met him in India at an ashram in March 1998. I was standing in a busy square, waiting for some people, when a young Indian man approached me. He asked me if I were Swiss and I answered, “Yes”. His question initiated a conversation that lasted the entire afternoon while we sat together by the side of a busy street in India. From the first moment I met Swami Vishwananda, I felt very close to him.

Two days later Swami Vishwananda left to return to his home in Mauritius. Before leaving he asked me to promise to visit him at his home. However it was in London, England that I saw him next. Shortly after that meeting I travelled to Mauritius to visit, and we continued to develop the very close friendship I had felt the moment we first met in India.
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 God as a friend  by Urs

In 1999 I traveled extensively in Switzerland with the young Swami Vishwananda. He was virtually unknown at that time and not recognized as the guru that he is. Also I had spent time with him as a guest in his house in Mauritius. The young man radiated happiness, love and joy.

I must have tested his patience many times by wanting to go to places he was not interested in visiting or asking him to wait while I did something he did not want to do. All the time we were together the young Swami Vishwananda never complained or showed that he disliked anything.
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